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Recipe: No Bake Chocolate Brownies

I flicked through The Happy Pear cookbook the other day to pick something sweet to make for dessert. I chose the No-bake Healthy brownies as I had all the ingredients. They were a big hit. They are extremely rich and very chocolatey. A small one or half a one is enough of a chocolate hit.… Read More »

Recipe: Pick and Choose Flapjacks

Pick and Choose Flapjacks Flapjacks are a great healthy, slow energy releasing and filling treat.  They are good for lunch-boxes, snacks between school and after-school activities, or for popping into the picnic bag for a day out. These flapjacks are so named as you can allow your children decide what combination of fruit or chocolate… Read More »

Recipe: Zingy Lemon and Goat’s Yogurt Muffins

My 6 year old has grown out of his non-IgE cow’s milk protein allergy. Slowly over the past two years he has been able to have small amounts of dairy and for milk and yogurt I have been giving him goat’s milk rather than other alternatives to cow’s milk. It is very close nutritionally to… Read More »

Recipe: Blueberry & Applesauce Muffins

Blueberry & Applesauce Muffins Aldi have blueberries in their super 6 at the moment, what does that mean here? We’ve been overdosing on them. And if I can get to them before the kids do, it means delicious blueberry baked goods. I decided to make blueberry muffins today and fancied trying a new recipe. Here is… Read More »