An interview with Katy, mother of 2, one with LI one with CMPA

This week’s interview is with Katy, a mother of two little girls. Her older girl has lactose intolerance and her baby girl has cow’s milk protein allergy. Katy blogs at

Katy and her two girls
Katy and her two girls


How old are your children and what intolerance or allergy do they have?

Little G is 2 and she has lactose intolerance. She has pretty much grown out of it though thank goodness. Baby L is 5 months old and has a cow’s milk protein allergy. 

How did you first find out Little G had lactose intolerance and baby L had a cow’s milk protein allergy?

With Little G it was after a LOT of googling! I knew something wasn’t right and kept searching for an answer. This time round with Baby L I knew what I was looking for and went to the doctors early. 

What age were your children when the allergy and intolerance were first diagnosed?

Little G was 3 months and Baby L was 8 weeks old. 


Can you describe how the lactose intolerance was diagnosed?

With Little G I diagnosed her myself through trial and error. Her poos were frothy and green and it was worse after dairy. I cut out dairy from my diet and then at 5 months put her on comfort milk as she could tolerate this more than normal formula. 


And what about baby L’s cow’s milk protein allergy?

With Baby L I knew the symptoms were similar so was more prepared. Cutting out lactose (she was bottle fed compared to G who was breastfed) didn’t help so on the advice of the doctor we tried soya formula. It worked immediately and so using that development along with her symptoms of rash, cold-like symptoms and screaming after feeds, he prescribed Nutramigen. 
Neither of them ever saw a paediatric specialist so I am lucky as I know many people have to fight to be heard and it can take months to get formula. 


What did you find most difficult about putting them on a free from diet?

With Little G it has been having to say: ‘sorry you can’t have that it makes you poorly’ although over time she has improved and can eat normal food. I am due to start weaning Baby L next month and I am massively panicking as to what I am going to feed her!! We aren’t even sure if she has other allergies yet,time will tell…

How did you find out Little G has grown out of the lactose intolerance?

Trial and error really, if she didn’t have an upset tummy then we just let her have more dairy the next time. 

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to diagnose and get support for allergies. Did you have good support from your doctor/allergist?

My doctor is amazing, I am one of the lucky ones. He is ‘old school’ and I think he trusts mothers more than these new up and coming doctors who play by the rules (to save money!!) Every time I have been to see him he has listened to what I had to say and given me the support I needed. 

What is your favourite free from product?

At the moment we use LactoFree by Arla. They have a good range of products. I am going to have to look at dairy free products soon. I’m putting it off at the moment.

Do you have a supermarket or health store nearby which stocks the foodstuffs you need?

Yep, Tescos and Asda. 

Do you find your family and friends understanding?

No! “can she have an Easter egg?” Seriously it isn’t difficult is it? My mum thinks it is all in my head. Drives me crazy!

Did you and your family go free from also?

Not at the moment but this is something we are going to have to look into if Baby L doesn’t grow out of it. 


Katy says:

My name is Katy and I am married with two beautiful girlies. I started my blog so that I could share my days as a stay at home mum. Laura asked me to do this interview as both of mine have allergies. So far Little G hasn’t come across many problems but Baby L is due to start weaning soon and I have no idea what I am going to do! Anyway, come have a read of my blog and say hi :-) 

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