Recipe: Dairy Free Basil & Pistachio Pesto

Finally I’ve gotten around to blogging this dairy free pesto. This is my favourite version and it only came about because I tried pistachios instead of pine nuts when I ran out. The boys love this on pasta, they are guaranteed to eat it all and it is quick to throw together on a busy weekday evening. 

Basil & Pistachio Pesto

Dairy Free Pistachio Pesto

You will need: 

14g (1 cup) fresh basil leaves

25g (1/4 cup) shelled pistachios (or 25g pine nuts)

65ml (1/4 cup) olive oil

1 clove garlic

Pinch of sea salt


Add nuts, oil, garlic and salt to a small food processor and then layer with the basil leaves. 


Push down the basil and blend until almost smooth but with some coarse bits.

Serve with pasta, salad or as a vegetable dip. 

Pasta Pesto

If not using immediately, put in a clean jar container with a thin layer olive oil on top. Cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge. Also suitable for freezing. 

Note: This recipe is dairy free, gluten free and egg free. 


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