Progress and setbacks with our vegetable garden

Our plants have been doing quite well. From seed we grew peas, carrots, spinach and broccoli and they are all doing great.

The veg that had already been started were:

  • brussels sprouts,
  • butterhead lettuce,
  • iceberg lettuce,
  • broccoli,
  • red cabbage
  • green cabbage.

These had gotten huge and the butterhead lettuce was ready to eat, we have been using it for the past two weeks.

2013-06-04 18.25.04

Disaster struck last week with the big wind, and the tabletop garden my husband had constructed broke and a lot of the plants fell upside down out of their crates. I was so disappointed I couldn’t deal with it straight away when I saw everything potentially ruined.


2013-06-15 12.17.32

We went out the next morning and managed to salvage most of it but some had to be replanted and everything was a bit traumatised. The peas didn’t make it and some of the butterheads and brussels sprouts are looking a bit worse for wear but everything else seems to be doing ok.


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