Product Watch June 2014

 Violife cheese

I was so happy to finally get my hands on some dairy free cheese. There seems to be a real lack of availability in Ireland. Art of Zen Foods, the distributor forViolife dairy free cheese in Ireland, sent me some to try and I will be reviewing it fully as soon as I have the full listing of where it is currently available. It grates like cheese and tastes close to cheese strings or Calvita something like that. I made lasagne and cheese toasties and it is a pretty good substitute.

Violife Dairy Free Cheese Range
Violife Dairy Free Cheese Range                                                                                                                                                   Image: dairyfreekids



Benecol Tropical Dairy Free Drink

Not really one for the kiddies, but Benecol have introduced a dairy free version of their cholesterol lowering drinks. It is tropical flavour and can be found in the yogurt fridge in Tesco and I imagine the other major supermarkets too.


Benecol Tropical Dairy Free Drink
Benecol Tropical Dairy Free Drink                          Image: Benecol


 Sacla Intenso Tomato & Garlic and Tomato & Olive Stir In

This is a rich, intensely flavoured stir in pasta sauce. A very small quantity gives a strong flavour so you might want to start off with a very small amount for the children. It contains no cheese and is free from dairy. It was a hit with everyone here. You could also smear some over a fish fillet before popping in the oven for a quick flavour boost.


Sacla Intenso Tomato & Olive
                                     Sacla Intenso Tomato & Olive                            Image: Sacla
Tomato & Garlic Intenso Stir In Image: dairyfreekids
Tomato & Garlic Intenso Stir In
Image: dairyfreekids


Sainsbury’s Free From Gingerbread men

My sister brought these on a trip home from England lately, the boys absolutely loved them. They taste lovely plain but could also be decorated by the kids with writing icing and some jelly tots, or dipped in melted dairy free chocolate and covered in sprinkles.

Sainsbury's Free From Gingerbread Men
Sainsbury’s Free From Gingerbread Men

Other news:

Here is Tesco’s list of all their own brand products which are free from dairy. It is up to date as of June 2014 and will expire in August 2014. You can have a read here.

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