Product Watch – July 2015


Dairy Free

Holland & Barrett launch Free-From Website

Holland & Barrett have launched a new Free From Online Store which is the largest free from site of its kind boasting over 1000 products. They eventually hope to reach over 3000 products. You can search products with a handy filter which you can set which allergens you wish to avoid.

At the moment this is a UK site in sterling but it is possible to deliver to Ireland.

To celebrate the launch Holland & Barrett kindly sent me some of their dairy-free products available on the website to try.

Holland & Barrett Selection of Dairy Free Products
Holland & Barrett Selection of Dairy Free Products

The products included Choc Chick Organic Cacao Powder, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Dairy Free Vanilla Cake Mix, Plamil No Added Sugar Mint Choc Bar, Provamel Unsweetened Soya Milk, Isabel’s Dairy Free Sponge Cake Mix and Isabel’s Dairy Free Batter Mix and Sharaf Gluten Free Dairy Free Chilli Bites Falafel Mix.

It will take me a while to try each of these out watch out on Instagram and future product watches to see how we get on.

Plamil no added sugar Mint Chocolate Bar

This is a very dark mint chocolate, so wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste if you’re used to very sweet milk chocolate. The boys who don’t get chocolate often at all were delighted to get a square each and loved it. The two adults in the house loved it too. You can get it on Holland & Barrett Free From Store and also from their regular website, and in independent health stores also.

Sainsbury’s free from Choc Bar

I bought a couple of these in Sainsbury’s in London last week, the boys were delighted to be getting chocolate bars, my 3 year old kept asking if it was ok to eat it! Needless to say they didn’t last long.


Sainsburys Free From Chocolate Bar

Alpro Blackcurrant & Elderflower and Pomegranate

Two new flavours of soya yogurt from Alpro. Elderflower seems to be everywhere at the moment – both in the ditches all over the countryside and featuring in recipes on many food blogs. And here it is now in a soya yogurt, and it tastes pretty good. My boys loved the blackcurrant & elderflower and fought over them! The pomegranate went down well too.

Alpro Blackcurrant & Elderflower and Pomegranate
Alpro Blackcurrant & Elderflower and Pomegranate Yogurts


May Contain Milk

The below products have a ‘may contain milk’ warning. This is a message the manufacturer has chosen voluntarily to display on their product. Sometimes it means the product is made in the same factory as products containing milk, sometimes it means the equipment used has also been used for products containing milk. It is an individual choice whether to risk trying them or not. 

The Natural Confectionery Company Ice Squirt

Found in the freezer in a local Spar, these are orange and lemon flavoured and quite nice on a sunny day. There seems to be a shortage of iced treats in the freezer that are dairy free, these are the next best thing (may contain milk).

Ice Squirt Ice Squirt Ingredients


Lynch’s Bramley Apple Turnovers

These apple turnovers are from Aldi and carry a ‘may contain milk’ warning. The boys thought it was Christmas getting a big sugary pastry to eat.

Bramley Apple Turnovers Bramley Apple Turnovers


Disclaimer: I was not paid to review any of these products, which I purchased myself with the exception of the goods sent by Holland & Barrett. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own. At the time of writing, these goods are dairy-free or ‘may contain milk’ as I’ve outlined but always be vigilant and check labels every time you shop. 

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