Posters All Over My House

Since my eldest boy has been able to write, there have been various sign posts and posters stuck all over the walls of my house. Luckily he uses bluetack and I’m not too fussed about the paint work, and I’m just happy he’s writing on paper and not on the walls or window sills (anymore!).

Here are some of the most recent additions.

This is outside our kitchen:

2015-06-11 09.24.57


Who needs a welcome mat? (It’s a bit hard to make out but it says WELCOME in mint green on the grey concrete).


There are all sorts of complicated directions on my driveway, including where to park, a roundabout, a motorway and a line that says do not cross. There are also his own made up street names on different parts.

2015-06-12 09.07.01 2015-06-28 16.18.14 2015-06-28 16.18.19arrows

Big Car Parking


The boys’ playhouse has become ‘McDona’s’, pronounced Macdonahs. It is a drive through restaurant. The sand table is the play area of McDona’s and my 3 year old reliably informed me while the 6 year old was at school that ‘the sand is in McDona’s and McDona’s is closed’. Then of course there are direction signs. So inside the window of one of the front rooms there is a poster pointing outwards with an arrow going around the side. There are further signs on windows at side and back of the house too.


My son’s room usually has some sort of poster on the door. One time it had a pretend keypad with a security code which had to be put in to enter but he also put a note with the security code on it on the door so we’d know. Lovely touch. :) He said that the security key pad would know if it was a burglar or not and wouldn’t let the burglars in even with the code! This is what it says at the moment: 2015-2017 Room of President of Flinix. Flinix is his own country it made up, it has a flag and even it’s own top level domain .flx. The stories evolve and become more intricate every day!


Room of President


While I don’t love these scraps of paper everywhere, I hope the imagination and love of writing continues, and I am amused and proud of them all the same. :-)


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