Flights with Food Allergies

flying with food allergies
Travelling with children with allergies can be challenging, and flights with food allergies even more so. It may mean an extra bag full of medication, anti histamine, epipens, inhalers etc. Many readers ask questions about how to bring these on a flight. 
Here are some tips to make the experience easier. 
1) Make a list of what you need to bring on holiday and also what needs to come on the plane with you – epipen, inhaler etc. 
2) Get a letter from your GP, allergist or hospital advising why your child needs these medications on the airplane. While possibly not necessary with all airlines, if you have this at security it should make everything go smoother if there is an issue. 
3) Contact your airline in advance. Ask what their policy is in regard to carrying the medication and if they need to be in a clear zip lock bag and if you need a doctor’s letter etc. If possible get them to e-mail you their instructions so you can print this out and have it with you also. 
4) If your child has a nut allergy, ensure to contact airline to see what their policy is. They should be able to make an announcement and ban nuts on the flight, each airline has their own policy though.
5) Ask at the gate if you can board early so you can check your seat and area and take along a wet cloth to clean down the surfaces of your seat and table before your child sits down. 
6) Ensure epipens are in date. For inhalers especially, ensure you bring a new one or a new one along with the current one as it isn’t possible to see how much is left and you don’t want to run out while away. 
7) Bring along your own safe food or snacks for the flight.
 And some general holiday tips: 
  • Ensure you have enough medication to last the entire trip.
  • If your child has a serious allergy ensure you have translated documents with you outlining this. 
  • Prebook restaurants and explain allergies over the phone. 
  • Check online in allergy groups if anyone else has travelled to same part of the world and has tips for allergy friendly restaurants etc. 

Have you travelled abroad with meds and epipens etc? Is there anything you’d add to these tips? 

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