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For the last six years or so, since shortly after I found out I was going to become a parent, I’ve used online forums such as rollercoaster and eumom to discuss aspects of pregnancy and parenting with people who’s children are going through similar stages. I’ve always found it very useful, and wondered how our parents got on before the internet. Some of the discussion forums have moved to facebook groups now, there are groups for support for people going to have c sections, for reflux babies and for all manner of other parenting topics.


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I have created a new facebook group – dairy free Ireland for parents of dairy free kids and for adults who are dairy free themselves. I hope that it will provide a good forum for discussing all aspects of milk allergies and intolerances and for sharing ideas, tips and recipes etc. The idea that it is for Ireland is to provide local knowledge for products available here, and to share information relevant to living with a dairy allergy in Ireland. The group launched yesterday and there is already some lively discussion going on. I’ve learnt new things already.

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