11 Tantrums in My House this Week

Since Monday, my boys have had tantrums varying in length from 5 minutes to 30 minutes about many random things. It’s gone from wailing or whining for a few minutes to bawling on the floor kicking and screaming. We have been late for school, late for collection from school, late, late, late!. The tantrums are always a feature in a house with two young boys but they’ve been especially fun this week. I’m blaming back to school and work and tiredness. I’m hoping next week will go more smoothly. Here’s my favourite reasons:

My honey is not in an O shape.

My porridge is too hot.

My honey is gone (melted into the porridge)

I don’t want “pink” potato. (Mashed with beans.)

My chocolate bar is broken.

I don’t want to go to playschool.

I want to go to playschool today.

I don’t want to get dressed. (This happened 5 days out of 7 for one child and the other 2 days the other child took over and refused to get dressed).

I don’t want to go with you. (Running away and hiding under kitchen table when we’re late for the school run).

I don’t want my wrap because there’s not enough relish on it. (Of course, putting more relish on wrap did not resolve, it remained uneaten and I eventually gave in and let him have something different to eat).

I’m hungry. (Refusing fruit and any other healthy options offered as a snack).

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