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I’m delighted to have been nominated for two awards in the new Allergy Blog Awards UK. To get to the next stage I am relying on a public vote. I hate this part where I need to ask for votes. Here I am holding my hat in my hand all the same. 

The Awards

The first every Allergy Blog Awards UK will take place in Manchester in February. I am excited about this or many reasons. Of course I’m delighted that dairy free kids has been nominated in two categories, and would love to get through to the finals. But quite aside from that, the awards are doing great things for Allergy Awareness.

The awards are the brainchild of Lyndsay from the Living With Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy blog. The main focus of the awards are to raise food allergy awareness and to connect allergy bloggers. In terms of the connecting, I have been getting to know many of my fellow allergy bloggers through the weekly ABAHour on Twitter which takes place each Wednesday night at 9pm. Each week there has been questions on a topic and people join in with their answers. Topics have ranged from how to speak to a toddler about their food allergies, to starting school with food allergies to asthma. Join in on Twitter by searching the #ABAHour hashtag. There is also a podcast where you can learn from other allergy bloggers. Do take some time to go through the award website and check out some of the other allergy bloggers doing great work. Here are five of my favourites. 

So why vote dairy free kids? 

dairy free kids is a helpful resource (I hope) for parents of those with food allergies particularly cow’s milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance. I spend a lot of time researching articles before giving advice and writing tips from my own experience and findings as an ‘Allergy Mum’. A lot of time is spent finding out about new products which are suitable for those who need to avoid milk, and I produce a monthly product watch to share this information. Coming up to big holidays like Christmas and Easter I strive to give good information on what special dairy free treats are available and ideas for recipes to make yourself. When I make a new recipe or adapt a recipe to make it dairy free for my family, I share it on the blog and I’ve built up quite a wealth of recipes on the site over the past four years. If you find the site helpful or useful I’d really appreciate two minutes of your time to vote for me.

Click here and choose the dropdown on the categories Parent Allergy Blog and Eating Out/Food Shopping and choose dairy free kids.


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