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Dairy Free Easter Eggs

Dairy Free Easter Eggs is the most common search term on my site at the moment as it is every year at this time. Due to being stuck indoors for a while during the snow, my usual supermarket shelf research was minimized this year. Make sure and drop me a line if I’ve missed anything!… Read More »

Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

These simple to make treats can make an easy dessert or a gift for someone. I have joined forces with the Free From Gang of bloggers again this month and we are continuing with the theme of #FreeFromEaster. This time we had to include a vlog with our recipe which was a new challenge. It’s… Read More »

Check out these 5 Healthy Easter Treats!

Ugh, who wants to hear the word Healthy when talking about Easter Treats?   Don’t look away yet though! These treats are truly delicious and decadent yet they have healthy ingredients which may keep you on the straight and narrow if you are trying to cut down on refined sugar and junk food. They are also filling so… Read More »

Easter Fairy Cakes

  In a follow-up to the Free From Pancakes collaboration last month, I am joining in with the Free From Gang again this month. This time the theme is Free from Baking with Kids for Easter. This was lovely, I actually found I let the kids do most of the work. I was left with… Read More »

Our top 5 Dairy Free Easter Eggs

I was asked to go on Ireland AM on TV3 this week to speak about dairy free Easter eggs and to do a cooking slot with my son Oscar. I was nervous of course but jumped at the chance. We chose our top five dairy free Easter eggs to bring along.  A huge thank you… Read More »

Recipe: Easter Cornflake Nests

Easter Cornflake Nests You will need: 200g dairy free chocolate 250g cornflakes 1 tablespoon golden syrup (I used this to lessen the bitterness of the 50% dark chocolate I was using, if using milk chocolate leave this out). Jelly beans or other sweets to decorate. Steps: Melt chocolate and golden syrup over a Pan of boiling water… Read More »